ANZSNR is open to radiologists and other clinicians with an interest in Diagnostic Neuroradiology, Interventional Neuroradiology (INR) and Head and Neck Radiology. Members pay an annual subscription, due on January 1st each year. All members are entitled to reduced registration rates for ANZSNR events.

Full members of ANZSNR are radiologists  practicing in Australia or New Zealand. Applicants must be sponsored by two members of ANZSNR in good standing. You can apply online here.

Associate members of ANZSNR are Australian and New Zealand medical practitioners or scientists with an acknowledged interest in neuroradiology or head and neck radiology. Applicants for associate membership must be supported by two full members in good standing. You may apply here.

Student membership is offered free of charge for RANZCR radiologists in training positions, including those holding relevant fellowship training positions either in Australia and New Zealand or overseas. Applications must be supported by an ANZSNR full member in good standing. Applications need to be renewed annually (at no cost)

Applications for student membership may be made here.

For information on other categories of ANZSNR membership, please refer to the ANZSNR constitution. 

Renewing your ANZSNR membership  Membership renewal reminders are sent out by RANZCR on behalf of ANZSNR in November of each year. ANZSNR subscriptions are payable on January 1st each year.  Payment is currently via the members section of the RANZCR website.

As indicated in the ANZSNR Constitution, members who have not renewed their subscription by March 31 will be removed from the membership. Reinstatement to ANZSNR membership requires re-application and the payment of an administration fee.

Members who join in the second half of a calendar year (July - December) will be deemed full financial members of ANZSNR on receipt of their subscription. They will not be liable for repeat subscription until January 1st of the calendar year following the first full year of membership, i.e. members joining in July 2015 would not have to renew their subscription until January 2017.