ANZSNR Governance

ANZSNR is an Incorporated entity. It is governed on behalf of the membership  by an Executive, consisting of the current and immediate past Presidents of the Society and the Secretary General (Treasurer). The Executive are members of the ANZSNR Council, which also includes State and Territory representatives. ANZSNR also has representatives to other National and International Societies. 

All Executive and Council members and representatives are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Details of terms of office and expectations of Office Bearers can be found in the ANZSNR Constitution

A list of ANZSNR Office Bearers since foundation can be found here.

ANZSNR Executive

President: Dr Con Phatouros

Past President: Professor Peter Mitchell

Secretary General: Dr Steve Chryssidis

ANZSNR Council

The ANZSNR Council consists of the Executive plus elected representatives.

NZ Ben McGuinness 2017-2020
NSW Jason Wenderoth 2017-2020
NSW Andrew Cheung 2019-2022
VIC Elaine Lui 2019-2022
VIC Ronil Chandra 2017-2020
WA Tim Phillips 2019-2022
QLD Hal Rice 2017-2020
SA Christen Barras 2019-2022
H&N Jen Gillespie 2019-2022

A table of ANZSNR Council members since inception in 2012 can be found here.

ANZSNR Representatives

RANZCR: Dr Catherine Mandel

IRSA: Dr Mark Brooks

WFNRS: Professor Trish Desmond

WFITN: Prof Peter Mitchell

AOSNHNR: A/Prof Andy Whyte

ANZAN: Prof Peter Mitchell

AAFITN: A/Prof Winston Chong

SNIS: Dr Geoff Parker

ESNR: Dr Catherine Mandel