Meeting content from 2016 ASM in Hunter Valley, NSW

Head and Neck Topics

CT Anatomy of the Temporal Bone - Rudolf Boeddinghaus

Sonography of Thyroid Nodules - Rudolf Boeddinghaus (ANZSNR 2016) 

Imaging the Mandible and Submandibular Region - Rudolf Boeddinghaus (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging of Oropharyngeal Carcinoma - Ziyad Khaleel (ANZSNR 2016)

Middle Ear Inflammatory Disease - Steve Connor (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging of the CPA Cistern, IAM and Petrous Temporal Bone- Steve Connor (ANZSNR 2016) 

Imaging of the Clivus and Jugular Foramen - Sandeep Bhuta (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging Conductive Hearing Loss - Rudolf Boeddinghaus (ANZSNR 2016)

The Anterior Skull Base - Richard Harvey (ANZSNR 2016)

Benign Cysts and Mass Lesions of the Neck - Ziyad Khaleel (ANZSNR 2016)

Inflammatory Disease of the Paranasal Sinuses - Sunil Kaniyur (ANZSNR 2016)

The Sinonasal Skull Base Interface - Steve Connor (ANZSNR 2016)

Sensorineural Hearing Loss - Steve Connor (ANZSNR 2016)

Sphenoclival, Petrous Apex and Petrocavernous Pathology - Richard Harvey (ANZSNR 2016)

Pathology of the Facial and Trigeminal Nerves - Randall Jones (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging Anatomy and Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity - Pramit Phal (ANZSNR 2016)

Large Nerve Perineural Spread in the Head and Neck - Mitesh Gandhi (ANZSNR 2016)

HPV Related Oropharyngeal SCC - Kartik Bhatia (ANZNR 2016)

Imaging the Post Operative Skull Base - Jennifer Sommerville (ANZSNR 2016)

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Review - Ann D King (ANZSNR 2016)

Paranasal Sinus Anatomy - Andy Whyte (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging the TMJ - Andy Whyte (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging the Maxilla - Andy Whyte (ANZSNR 2016)

Causes of Facial Pain - Andy Whyte (ANZSNR 2016)

IgG4 Releated Disease - Head and Neck - Andrew Thompson (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging Head and Neck Lymphoma - Ann D King (ANZSNR 2016)

Diagnostic Neuroradiology Topics

Imaging Operative Correlation in the Degenerative Spine - Rodney Allan (ANZSNR 2016)

Diseases that Strike the Cord - Scott Davies (ANZSNR 2016)

Neurologic Manifestations of Haematological Disease - Mike Bynevelt (ANZSNR 2016)

Concussion Imaging - Mike Bynevelt (ANZSNR 2016)

MRI of Cerebral Haemorrhage - Marc Agzarian (ANZSNR 2016)

Viral Encephalitis - Laughlin Dawes (ANZSNR 2016)

Machine Learning in Neuroradiology - Laughlin Dawes (ANZSNR 2016)

HPV Heat Stress Encephalopathy - Kartik Bhatia (ANZSNR 2016)

Imaging Strategies in Dementia - Joga Chaganti (ANZSNR 2016)

Spine imaging Optimization at 3T - Ben Kennedy (ANZSNR 2016)

Gadolinium Toxicity: Current Status - Andrew Baird (ANZSNR 2016)

Interventional Neuroradiology Topics

Mechanical Thrombectomy - Ronil Chandra (ANZSNR 2016)

Technical Equipoise for the Dual Trained Operator - Rodney Allan (ANZSNR 2016)

Implications of Stroke Trials - Peter Mitchell (ANZSNR 2016)

MBS Funding - The MSAC Evaluation Process - John Gillespie (ANZSNR 2016)

Developments in DAVF - Jason Wenderoth (ANZSNR 2016)

Initial Experience with SURPASS STREAMLINE - David Brunacci (ANZSNR 2016)

Suction Thrombectomy - Ben McGuinness (ANZSNR 2016)

Clopidogrel, Prasugrel, Ticagrelor: Pros and Cons - Andrew Cheung (ANZSNR 2016)

Training and Certification in INR Procedures - Alan Coulthard (ANZSNR 2016)

Non Invasive Imaging of Treated and Untreated Aneurysms - Alan Coulthard (ANZSNR 2016)