2018 ASM Meeting Content


The 2018 ANZSNR ASM was held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania, from 15th-18th March 2018. The programme is reproduced below. Most lectures have been made available for viewing. Click on the linked headings to watch the recorded lectures.


Stroke Techniques and Equipment - Professor J Mocco

New Frontiers in Neuroimaging

Functional MRI in mental illness - Dr S Rossel 

Structural imaging of white matter pathways - Dr M Agzarian 

Head and Neck - Anatomy and Sepsis of the Neck

Ultrasound of the neck in seven sweeps - Dr S Colley and Dr R Rhys 

Parapharyngeal, parotid and masticator spaces - Dr R Cassumbhoy

Imaging of deep neck infection - A/Prof Andy Whyte 

Intracranial Aneurysms - what's new?

The Barrel trial - Professor J Mocco 

Size and location of ruptured intracranial aneurysms - Professor J Froelich 

Vasospasm management after SAH - various concepts - Dr R DeLeacy 

NeuroOncology Imaging - New Advances

The next generation of brain tumour imaging - Professor M Bynevelt

Differentiating progressions - Dr C Mandel 

Incorporating genomics in glioma - Dr A Lasocki 

Diagnostic Neuro Cases

Important, uncommon and misunderstood neuroradiology cases - A/Prof F Gaillard 

Research, Training and Refresher

JNIS and collaboration - Dr R DeLeacy 

Developing a career in clinical trials - Professor J Mocco 

Training and certification update - Professor P Mitchell 

Fellow presentation - DAP and thromboembolic events - Dr N Cheung 

Fellow presentation - hypoglossal canal and DAVFs - Dr M Crockett

Physiology of AVMs - Dr TJ Singh

IIH case selection and management - Dr T Phillips

Stroke Imaging Workshop

Stroke Imaging workshop - Professor R von Kummer 

Stroke Update

Pathophysiology and Pathology of Acute Brain Ischaemia - Professor R von Kummer 

Impact of Imaging Findings in Acute Cerebral Ischaemia - Professor R von Kummer 

Mechanical Thrombectomy Insights - Professor P Mitchell 

Stroke Systems of Care - Professor J Mocco 

Head and Neck - Nodes and Glands

Salivary Glands - Dr S Colley 

Parathyroid CT: The Hunt for Adenomas - Dr Rudolf Boeddinghaus 

Thyroid imaging update - Dr D Gibson

Stroke - from Diagnosis to Therapy

COMPASS Trial - Professor J Mocco 

Mobile Stroke Units: Bring Imaging & Treatment to the Patient? - A/Professor R Dowling 

Handheld Devices to Diagnose Stroke? - A/Professor R V Chandra 

Head and Neck - T-Bone and Ear

Temporal Bone Anatomy: Beyond the Basics - Dr R Boeddinghaus 

Choesteatoma - Dr S Colley 

Pulsatile Tinnitus - Dr D Gibson

Head and Neck - Cases to learn from

Head and Neck: Cases To Learn From - Dr R Rhys and Dr S Colley 

Combined Plenary Session

Imaging in Epilepsy - Dr Y Perchyonok 

Epilepsy Imaging: A Neurologist's Perspective - Dr D Jones 

Efficient and Accurate Imaging of MS: How CAD Can Help - A/Professor F Gaillard 

MRI In Monitoring MS Progression: A Neurologist's View - Professor B Taylor 

Fellow presentation - Interpreting CTP for Acute Stroke: A Pattern Recognition Approach - Dr M Mautone 

Fellow Presentation - Flat Panel CT of the Skull Base - Dr J Van DenHeuvel

Fellow Presentation - Vessel Wall Imaging - Dr H W Tan 

Spinal and Various Neuro Imaging

Myelopathy: An Imaging Approach - A/Professor P Phal 

Neuroimaging of the Instrumented Spine: A Neurosurgeon's Perspective - Mr N Thani

An Approach to Imaging of the Brachial Plexus - Dr M Thong

Head and Neck Oncology

Nodes - Dr R Rhys

Imaging of Head and Neck Cancer - Dr R Cassumbhoy

Oropharyngeal Cancer and HPV - Dr R Rhys 

Imaging of the Post Treatment Neck - Dr J Sommerville 

Combined session - What's on the Horizon?

Stroke Diagnostics in the New Era of Thrombectomy - Professor R von Kummer

Imaging of OSA: What, Why and How - A/Professor A White 

New INR Techniques - Dr R De Leacy