Recorded lectures from the 2017 ANZSNR ASM, Darwin Convention Centre, July 6-9 2017

Thursday 6 July

INR session

Infectious aneurysms Dr Matt Crockett

Paraclinoid aneurysms and vision A/Prof Ronil Chandra

Clot Retrieval - on the fringe of evidence  Dr Tim Phillips

Friday 7 July

Plenary session: Stroke

How does the Diagnostic Neuroradiologist contribute in modern acute stroke management?  Dr Jolandi van Heerden

ECR in the DAWN era  Prof Peter Mitchell

Decompressive craniotomy - ethical considerations  Mr Stephen Honeybul

The Orbit

Imaging of the anterior visual pathway  Dr Rahul Lakshmanan

Imaging the lacrimal gland  A/Prof Mike Bynevelt

Orbital inflammatory disease: IgG4- RD and beyond  Dr Andrew Thompson 

Neuro shorts

Vertebroplasty: A phoenix rises from the ashes?   Dr Scott Davies

CLIPPERS: When to suggest the diagnosis?   Dr Michael Ratcliffe

Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN)  Dr Catherine Mandel

HRT and cerebral aneurysms: good or bad? A/Prof Ronil Chandra

CJD: The important imaging signs  Dr Laughlin Dawes

Assessing haematoma volume Dr Michael Jamison

Plenary Session: Brain Tumours

WHO 4 Plus update  Prof Anne Osborne

Paranormal activity    A/Prof Mike Bynevelt

Low Grade Glioma  Mr Stephen Honeybul

Plenary Session: General ENT

Trigeminal Symptoms: Neuralgia or Neuropathy?  Prof Christine Glastonbury

Patterns of benign sinus disease  A/Prof Andy Whyte

ABCs of neck infection    Prof Christine Glastonbury

Saturday 8th July

Plenary session: brain

Intracranial pseudotumours   Prof Anne Osborn

Leukodystrophies - an imaging approach   Dr Rahul Lakshmanan

Parallel session: Neurovascular

IIH and venous stenosis: current understanding of physiology  Dr Grant Bateman

Perimesencephalic subarachnoid haemorrhage  Dr Albert Chiu

Dolichoectasia  Dr Albert Chiu

Parallel session: Imaging and management of upper airways obstruction

Imaging of nasal obstruction Dr Daren Gibson

Imaging of obstructive sleep apnoea A/Prof Andy Whyte

Transoral robotic surgery TORS  Mr Chady Sader

Plenary session: Oral cancer/head and neck cancer

HPV Head and neck staging update  Prof Christine Glastonbury

Surgical management of oral cavity SCC  Mr Chady Sader

Perineural tumour spread Dr Jennifer Somerville

Post treatment neck  Prof Christine Glastonbury

Parallel session: Spine

CSF leaks  Dr Scott Davies

Imaging inflammatory disease of the spinal cord  A/Prof Pramit Phal

Malignant infiltration of the cervical plexus  Dr Ben Moon

Parallel session: Oral and maxillofacial radiology (OMFR)

Basic imaging anatomy   A/Prof Andy Whyte

Fundamentals of OMFR   Dr Tess Matias

Advanced oral and maxillofacial imaging    A/Prof Andy Whyte

Sunday 9th July

Plenary Neuro session

RANZCR update on interventional radiology/INR  Prof John Slavotinek

Toxic and acquired metabolic encephalopathy  Prof Anne Osborn

Neuroimaging of drug abuse  A/Prof Sandeep Bhuta

Cerebral vasculitis and mimics  Prof Anne Osborn

Plenary ENT/Neuro session

Parotid masses  Prof Christine Glastonbury

Head and neck imaging pearls  Prof Christine Glastonbury

Brain trauma update 2017   Prof Anne Osborn