Mar 22

2015 ASM Melbourne, VIC

  • Crown Promenade Hotel

The 2015 ANZSNR ASM was held in Melbourne at the Crown Promenade Hotel. The meeting took the form of a didactic 'refresher' course on diagnostic radiology. The full programme is available for download here.

Mar 17

2014 ASM Barossa Valley, SA

  • Novotel Barossa Valley

The 2014 ASM was convened by Dr Steve Chryssidis, and was held at the Novotel Barossa Valley. An excellent mix of diagnostic and interventional talks made up the program. A number of international neurointerventionalists attended, including Karel terBrugge,  Patrick Brouwer and Monica Killer. Larry Ginsberg was the guest diagnostic lecturer, giving several excellent talks on head and neck imaging. A copy of the program is available here

Mar 25

2013 ASM Hobart, TAS

  • MONA

The 2013 meeting was held at the Museum of old and new art (MONA) in Hobart, Tasmania.  The meeting was convened by Dr Gerald McInierney and Dr Jens Froelich. International guest speakers for INR included Professors Rene Chapot, Sarahan Cekirge and Aquilla Turk. Professor Keith Thulborn from Chicago, USA and Dr David Butterriss from Newcastle, UK augmented the excellent local Faculty. Download the programme here.

Mar 26

2012 ASM Auckland, NZ

  • Hilton Hotel

The 2012 meeting was held at the Hilton Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand. The meeting was convened by Dr Ben McGuinness.  International neurointerventional guest speakers included Prof René Chapot and Dr David Fiorella. The meeting included  Input from many local expert speakers, and from Dr Meng Law from the USA.  Download the program here.

Mar 21

2011 ASM Canberra, ACT

  • Hyatt Hotel

2011 saw the ANZSNR meeting hosted in the Nation's Capital, Canberra, at the Hyatt Hotel, built to house the politicians of Australia when the Parliament moved to Canberra in 1927. An excellent neurointervention meeting was followed by an equally impressive diagnostic meeting, both of which showcased the wealth and depth of lecturing talent within the ANZSNR. The main guest was Dr Ric Harnsberger, renowned Head and Neck radiologist and educator, from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Download the full 2011 meeting brochure.

Mar 30

2009 ASM Bunker Bay, WA

  • Quay West Resort

2009 saw a highly successful and enjoyable ANZSNR meeting convened by Dr Con Phatouros. Professors Jacques Dion and Randall Higashida were highlights of the neurointerventional meeting, supported by a team of Australian speakers. A varied and interesting diagnostic meeting then followed. The meeting programme can be downloaded here

Jun 30

2008 ASM, Uluru, NT

  • Voyages Ayer's Rock resort

The 2008 Meeting of the ANZSNR was held in the red Centre of Australia, at Ayers Rock (Uluru). The meeting was convened by Dr Rebecca Scroop and Dr Jamie Taylor. Prof Andy Molyneaux was the guest international speaker. Download the brochure here

Jul 31

2007 ASM Hamilton Island, QLD

  • Reef View Hotel

The 2007 Meeting of the ANZSNR was held in beautiful Hamilton Island, Queensland. The meeting was convened by Professor Alan Coulthard and Dr Hal Rice. The neurointerventional programme was augmented by Dr Anil Gholkar (UK) and Dr Thomas Liebig (Germany). The diagnostic programme included a mini symposium on brain tumour imaging. Download the meeting brochure here.

Mar 26

2006 ASM WFNRS/ANZSNR Adelaide, SA

Adelaide, 2006: Meeting of the World Federation of Neuroradiological Societies.
In 2006 Prof Mick Sage, President of ANZSNR, convened the 18th Symposium Neuroradiologicum of the World Federation of Neuroradiological Societies, in Adelaide, South Australia. The symposium, held only every four years, represented the culmination of years of hard work by many ANZSNR radiologists, and was a great success. Many world luminaries of Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Radiology were present and involved in the meeting, which extended over five days at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Download the brochure

Mar 14

2005 ASM Cradle Mountain, TAS

  • Cradle Mountain Hotel

 The 2005 meeting of the ANZSNR was held at the Cradle Mountain Hotel, Tasmania. A predominantly Australian and New Zealand faculty was augmented by Prof Jacques Moret, making his first ever visit down under. He lectured during the neurointervention session on the Friday. 

A copy of the program is available here.

Mar 22

2004 ASM Blue Mountains, NSW

  • Peppers Resort

Graham Dunn was the Convenor of the 2004 meeting of ANZSNR, held in the Blue Mountains of NSW. The content was mixed diagnostic and interventional, delivered by a local Faculty. Topics covered including the ISAT study, the biomechanics of whiplash injury and intracranial hypertension.

The meeting programme is here.

Mar 17

2003 ASM Perth, WA

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

The 2003 ASM was held in Perth, hosted by Professor Mark Khangure and the Perth Neuroradiologists. Professor Howard Rowley was the Diagnostic Radiology International guest speaker and Jan Casselmans was the Head and Neck lecturer, both aided by a strong local Faculty.

The programme is available here

Mar 4

2001 ASM Lorne, VIC

  • Cumberland Lorne Resort

The 2001 ASM was held at the Cumberland Lorne Resort, VIC. The meeting was chaired by Professor Brian Tress. Professor Ivan Mosely from Queen Square was the international guest.

A copy of the meeting brochure can be downloaded here.