At the inaugural meeting of the ANZSNR in 1992 Professor Mick Sage was nominated Chairman of the new Society.

At the first Annual General Meeting of the Society, held at Sydney Convention Centre on 21st October 1993, the positions of President and Secretary/Treasurer were created. The latter was retitled Secretary-General in 1996, and the position of Immediate Past President created when the President stepped down. 

The Office Bearers of the Society are elected at the AGM and take up office on the 1st of July of the year that they are elected. The three Office Bearers make up the ANZSNR Executive.

Dates President Secretary-General Immediate Past President
1993-1996 M Sage N Sandhu
1996-2000 B Tress R Keenan M Sage
2000-2003 M Khangure R Keenan B Tress
2003-2006 M Khangure G Fon B Tress
2006-2009 W Chong P Desmond M Khangure
2009-2012 W Chong P Mitchell M Khangure
2012-2016 A Coulthard P Mitchell W Chong
2016-2019 P Mitchell C Mandel A Coulthard
2019-2022 C Phatouros S Chryssidis P Mitchell

The ANZSNR Council was inaugurated in 2012. It is made up of the State and Territory representatives and the ANZSNR Executive. A table showing all Council members since Council commenced can be found here.